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there are people who look at something like hockey and they want the game to matter -- so it does.

because it's the cup.
“As us, as a group in here, we’re focused on what we need to do on the ice. It’s an unfortunate situation. It’s important that we stick together through this. By just talking about it, how we’re going to handle it as a group. We have a group that has been through a lot, maybe not like this, but we need to lean on past experiences and trust each other that we can refocus. … It’s our job, as players, to focus on what we need to do, and let the legal side of it play out.”
- Dustin Brown on the team’s attitude and how the team can get past the distraction surrounding Voynov’s suspension [x]
October 21
16 hours ago
“I would think we’re probably about the same age, and I’m sure you talk to your children about things like that. A lot of these players are like children to me.”
- Coach Sutter on whether he speaks with his players about domestic violence. [x]
16 hours ago
October 20

I really don’t want to believe the story that’s developing on Voynov right now but whether the charges turn out true or false, I really do applaud the NHL for taking a “zero tolerance” approach to this domestic violence charge.

Domestic violence is never, ever okay.

1 day ago
Anonymous asked.: basically some dbag guy who used to run a Rangers fanblog posted this dumb letter about how he was the unofficial official tumblr of the NHL, using the logic that "they didn't try to stop me" and long boring story with much terrible writing later, he's just some asshat who thinks he invented online hockey fandom. and writes at about a 5th grade book report level. ridiculous. he's official-nhl at tumblr and he sucks.

Hello anon! Thanks for filling me in.

I went to the blog (which to be be honest, I’ve never even heard of) and read his “I’m the face (I’ve never seen his face or blog) of the NHL on tumblr” nonsense and is laughing an appropriate response? because that’s what I want to do.

It’s a post of a tumblr user just showing how full of himself he really is. It’s one thing to be proud of yourself and/or your blog. (I mean I would be proud to run that blog. Hell, I’m proud of my small little blog.) That’s definitely never a problem but the way he worded his boasting definitely pushes some buttons. 

To say he’s the sole face of the NHL on tumblr is so silly; without all his followers and everyone who reblogs his posts, his blog and his gifs would be irrelevant. It really blows my mind how he didn’t thank this amazing community of hockey fans, because without every one of us he would have no followers and no notes. The thing about a fandom is it takes a community of people for it to work and for things to be successful; there’s never a sole face.

(Also thanks for the other anons and the people who replied too! This one was just the first one I saw.)

2 days ago

There’s drama in the hockey fandom and I have no idea what’s going on aka someone be my best friend and fill me in because I want to know.

2 days ago
October 19
Anonymous asked.: lol I can understand how fans of other teams can hate Dustin Brown, or Jeff Carter or Mike Richards, or even Jonathan Quick. but man if you hate Anze Kopitar you are just plain doing life as a human on earth all wrong.





Right? He’s literally a giant teddy bear. If someone hates Kopitar they need to reconsider their life asap.

October 17